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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm so done with them..over it! A leopard NEVER changes it's spots. A snake will ALWAYS slither, and a rat will always go from hole to hole. A liar is a liar and always will be. They only love you when your in bed pleasing them. DON'T think you can change them, or trust them. LET THEM GO! Best thing you can do for yourself. Love yourself enough to know what you deserve and stick to it. It will be a cold day in HELL before anyone get's my heart again..they gotta WORK for it! And if you happen to be the last player who played me...thanks for doing me a favor BECAUSE YOU AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME ANYWAY! NEXT!!! (and you KNOW who YOU ARE!) Enjoy your next conquest, I feel bad for her...

P.S- Regretfully, I let a guy come between me and one of my closest became a nasty triangle that lasted too long. I learned many lessons, but one of the most important one is: NEVER LOSE A FRIEND OVER A GUY!!! BIG MISTAKE!!! Luckily we just recently reconciled and I'm SO HAPPY because I felt lost without her! xo

**ALSO, my Ex just texted me (the player with the new gf).."Can I HAVE you one last time?" LOL! SEE THEY DON'T CHANGE! I texted back- "Keep dreaming." :)

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